Our clients are always giving us feedback and reviews. Below you will find what some of them have said.
  • I suffered from acute back pain at the beginning of my pregnancy and heard about Jonathan’s osteopathy treatment from my yoga instructor. On visiting Jonathan I found him to be very knowledgable, professional and friendly. After only 3 sessions my back pain had completely gone, Jonathan also gives you advice on what you can do at home to relieve pain and he shows you exercises to practice so the pain does not come back. I now recommend him to anyone suffering from any type of aches or pains. I have since been back with other pregnancy related aches and on leaving the clinic have felt like I was walking on air!!! To get that type of pain relief without having to take any over the counter drugs is a real comfort during pregnancy.

    —  Susanne, February 2012

    I found Jonathan’s treatment very effective for my back and neck problem. I found him to be very informative about the treatment involved and meticulous about his work. I am pregnant at the moment and felt very comfortable having him treat me. The cost of treatment is reasonable and I would absolutely recommend him to friends and family. I will continue to attend Jonathan for treatment on a maintenance basis throughout my pregnancy and I would also consider him for baby osteopathy.

    —  Claire, May 2012

    Tom is our second baby and we noticed that he was looking to the right and not moving his head to the left, which was causing his head to flatten at one side. No matter how much we moved his head and stimulated him to look left he would always look right. We did 6 sessions with Jonathan resulting in Tom looking both ways now. He moves his head in his sleep and the right side of his head is nearly curved again. He has no stress when you turn his head to the left. The costs were reasonable and with our health insurance you can claim back some of the cost. I have recommended Jonathan’s services to all my friends and family.

    —  Edwina, August 2012

    I found Jonathan’s treatment Incredibly effective. It changed our baby’s life and ours as a result. Jonathan is very knowledgeable and specialised in dealing with babies and doesn’t drag it on, so it definitely is worth it. What was the outcome of your/your child’s treatments with Jonathan? Jonathan started to treat our daughter, when she was about 10 weeks old. She was constantly terribly unsettled, crying a lot in pain without any clear visible reasons in sight. When Jonathan treated her the first time, it was the first time ever, that I saw her being fully relaxed. It was such a relieve for her and for us. After a few treatments, she turned into a different person, relaxed, pain free and just a happy little baby, as she is supposed to be. I have already recommended Jonathan’s services to my friends and family. Osteopathy offers something, that school medicine doesn’t. It is a very gentle, unobtrusive way of helping the body. It takes a bit of time, but Jonathan taught us little massages, with which we were able to help our baby in between visits and which sped things along. Jonathan really has a knack for dealing with children and I totally trust his abilities. My only regret is, that I waited 10 entire agonising weeks, before bringing our daughter to him…

    —  Ina, October 2012
  • I found my treatments very effective with Jonathan, and the costs were very reasonable for the service provided. After having a baby my lower and upper back were really stiff and unstable. Through treatments with Jonathan they have improved alot. I found him very good at training me how to do exercises correctly to strength my core. I would recommend Jonathan’s services to my friends or family anytime.

    —  Beth, February 2012

    The treatments from Jonathan were good. I was in quite a lot of pain during my first two sessions and he was still able to find a way to work with my hip which was rehabilitative. One of the aspects of Jonathan’s treatments which was very good in terms of my ongoing maintenance of my hip issue was his focus on educating me around other muscles, etc, which could benefit from being strengthened through stretching, etc. This will really help me manage my hip going forward. Jonathan was very generous in extending our sessions when my hip was particularly painful and it was often closer to the hour which I think is reasonable for €60. At the end of my treatments my hip was a lot stronger and the inflammation was hugely reduced. I certainly would recommend Jonathan. He is professional, effective and personable.

    —  Patricia, August 2012

    I found osteopathic treatments with Jonathan to be very effective. I first began having treatments with Jonathan having attended a free workshop provided by him on osteopathy in pregnancy. I had recurring inner thigh muscle strain for years and tried other more traditional approaches such as physiotherapy in the past, however this problem continued. I suspected it may originate from slight pelvic misalignment and decided to seek Jonathan’s advice prior to childbirth. A course of a few treatments eased the strain I had been experiencing for years! During my pregnancy, I became extremely uncomfortable with back rib pain and nothing seemed to ease this. I had just about resigned my self to accepting that this was a pregnancy symptom that I would have to suffer on with until the baby arrived, until I spoke to Jonathan. One treatment gave me instant relief and three treatments gave me full relief from this pain. I would recommend Jonathan to anyone who is experiencing pain or discomfort in their body. There is no need to continue suffering.

    —  Elaine, October 2012
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