• Jonath Wills

    Jonathan stared his career in health 13 years ago as a gym instructor, opting to maximise his knowledge by choosing a 2 year full time course as opposed to the shorter 6-month part time courses available. After this he progressed onto further study including Personal training and sports therapy/ injury rehabilitation while teaching fitness classes in Dublin. While working as a personal trainer in Dublin he completed many more advanced course including N.A.S.M training which is widely regarded as one of the premier personal training qualifications to have.

    After noticing that most people he came across in his professional life had some form of injury and pain that kept recurring and interfering with their lives he decided to return to college to study osteopathy as this one modality seemed to get the best results and fitted in well with his beliefs. He moved to London and studied at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine, one of the, if not the best osteopathic colleges in Europe.

    Modules included biomechanics,anatomy and physiology, nutrition and biochemistry, naturopathic medicine, clinical obstetrics and gynaecology , spinal mechanics, exercise physiology, orthopaedics and rheumatology , applied pharmacology and much, much more.

    During his time in London, he also assisted Brian Joseph of the Joseph foot mobilisation system in teaching this method to podiatrists and chiropodists.

    Since his return to Dublin Jonathan has developed a solid reputation. His friendly and professional approach combined with his extensive training and proven track record continue to make him very popular with his patients.

  • Qualifications:

    • Masters in Osteopathic Medicine. (Most)
    • Diploma in Osteopathic Medicine. (DO)
    • Naturopathic Diploma (ND)
    • NASM Personal training.
    • ITEC Sports Therapist.

    Numerous other personal training and gym qualifications.

    Seminars / Lectures attended

    • "Primary concepts and Pathophysiological Mechanisms in Osteopathy." Mervyn Waldman
    • "Clinical Anatomy of Sacro-Iliac Joint." Dr Chris McGrath
    • "Neuromuscular rehabilitation." Dr Eyal Lederman
    • "Evidence and Osteopathy." Dr Gary Fryer
    • "OMT and Cancer." Dr Lisa Hodge
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